AMINOX RG59-CA1295 500M

~ Center Conductor: 0.81±0.01mm Bare Copper
~ Dielectric: 3.66±0.02mm FPE
~ Shield: Bonded Al Foil
~ Braid Coverage: 95%:112/0.16±0.005mm Al-Mg
~ Jacket Thickness: 0.5mm
~ Jacket: 6.0±0.10mm PVC; Sparker Test: 3000V AC
~ Impedance: 75±3 0hm; Capacitance: 54±3pF/m
~ Velocity of Propagation: 85%
~ Return Loss: 20dB min (50-3000MHz)
~ Parking: Drum + Reel with Color Carton Box
~ Weight: 20kg; Cable Distance: 500m
~ Box Size Dimension(mm): 300mm x 355mm x 355mm